Saturday August 25, 2018

Kendra Levin and Joel Putnam are getting married

August 25th, 2018

We actually have the place from Friday afternoon until around midday Sunday, so really August 24th-26th if you're game

Ceremony at 6pm

All guests are invited to dinner on-site at 7pm, followed by party next door from 9pm-midnight.

The Location


Camp Chipinaw

Swan Lake, NY

We’re getting married at a summer camp, and it’s ours from Friday evening through Sunday morning.

Our families and friends are all over the map, and weddings feel short enough already. We want everyone to be able to stay with us and each other for a couple nights without having to worry about where they can eat or how to get to which venue. So if you’re invited to the wedding, you’re invited for both nights.

Weekend Schedule

3pm-7pm | Check-in for those staying at the camp
6pm | Rehearsal of ceremony (just for participants)
7pm-9pm | Dinner
9pm | S’mores and bonfire

8:30am-10am | Breakfast
10:15am | Kickball
10:30am-12:30pm | Pool and lake open (morning)
12:30pm-1:30pm | Lunch
1:45pm | Capture the flag
2:30-5pm | Pool and lake open (afternoon)
4:45pm | Formal family photos
6pm | Ceremony
7pm-9pm | Dinner
9pm-12am | Party

9am-11am | Brunch


Saturday Activities

All day:

While Lake is Open:
Stand-up paddleboarding

Capture the flag

The Camp is about a two-hour drive from New York City. You can get directions using Google Maps, or just follow the old-fashioned written directions below.

Driving directions from NYC: Take the NYS Thruway to Exit 16 (Harriman); NY Route 17 west to Exit 104 (Raceway, Monticello), Follow Route 17B past the raceway for 7 miles to the traffic light in White Lake. Turn right at the light, which is Route 55. Follow Route 55 north for 1 mile to the blinker light in Kauneonga Lake. Leave Route 55, go straight onto County Route 141. Follow signs to Horseshoe Lake. Travel about 3 1/2 miles to Silver Lake Road on the left. Look for Chipinaw sign on the telephone pole. Turn left, 1/4 of a mile to Camp. Park in lot on the right and come into the “Admin” building on the left.

If you want to help us with preparations or set up, you may arrive at the camp earlier. Otherwise, if you are ahead of schedule, there are some interesting sights to see in the area. You can visit Bethel Woods (location of the original Woodstock festival), Upper Delaware River Scenic and Recreation Area, or grab something to eat at Big Kev’s BBQ, The Local Table and Tap at Kauneonga Lake, Hennington’s Local at Cocheton, or The Laundrette right off the Delaware River in Narrowsburg. You might even find some things we missed on the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association Website. 

With us! The camp will provide meals from Friday dinner until Sunday brunch. See the schedule for more details.

The camp has ample housing and it’s at least as nice as the local hotel options (and a lot more convenient). If you have not yet booked your housing and would like to stay with us on site, please contact Joel’s sister Helen Moure, who is coordinating housing, at hbmoure [at] hotmail [dot] com. Options include private rooms (most but not all with private bathrooms and A/C) as well as more communal bunks.

The nearest hospital (with 24 hour ER), Catskill Regional Medical Center, is 20 minutes away from the camp. Specifically: 68 Harris Bushville Road, Harris, NY 12742

The nearest pharmacies are in Monticello, 15 minutes from the camp, including The Family Drug Store ((845) 794 2345), and Shoprite ((845) 794-0237).

While we would love to see you Friday to Sunday, we haven’t forgotten that you have lives and responsibilities. The ceremony and reception will be Saturday evening beginning at 6 pm, and if you need to drive in and out that day, that is totally fine.

What should we pack?

If you’re staying with us, there are a few things you’ll want:

For the Weekend

In August in Swan Lake, NY, the average high is 77 F (day) and average low is 55 F (night). Be sure to bring clothes that are suitable for fun in the sun and additional layers for stargazing and sitting around the campfire. Everyone will want to bring clothing for:

  • Friday night casual welcome barbecue
  • Any camp activities you want to partake in (swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, tennis, basketball, capture the flag)
  • The wedding itself
  • Sunday morning casual brunch
  • Inclement weather (hopefully not needed, but good to have just in case)

The Wedding Itself

Joel and Kendra will be dressed formally, but we don’t demand that you do the same. Wear whatever makes you feel happy, comfortable, and festive! You may want a jacket or wrap for the evening when the temp cools down. Regarding footwear, while some of the events will be outdoors, there are relatively smooth paths throughout the camp. And, of course, come dressed to dance.

At the Camp

For those staying with us at camp, we recommend you bring:

  • Toiletries (including soap)
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Earplugs and sleep mask
  • Beach towel
  • Bathing suit
  • Flip-flops for the shower
  • Pajamas
  • Warm hat
  • Flashlight
  • Insect repellent

Accommodations on Site

At this point most of the private rooms at the camp have been reserved, but we have plenty of room available in the shared “bunk” rooms. Even the share bunk rooms are quite comfortable. Sheets, blankets and towels are provided

If you haven’t yet booked your accommodation please contact Joel’s sister, Helen, at hbmoure (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Who's she?

If you happen to know Joel a lot better than you know Kendra, you can find out more about Joel’s fiancée, at her coaching website here.

Who's he?

If you happen to know Kendra a lot better than you know Joel, you can find out more about Kendra’s fiancé, at his personal website here.


Having our loved ones together in one place to celebrate this happy occasion is gift enough, and we have no expectation of more. That being said, we recognize that some of you may want to give us presents and may want some guidance. After much discussion about what could fit in our 350 square foot apartment, here are some options for those who want them:

We’re going to Madagascar for 2 ½ weeks! You can help us pay for our plane tickets, accommodations, and adventures there. There are multiple ways to do that, including online, here.

Please help us supports some of the causes that are closest to our hearts: the NRDC, GiveDirectly, and Joel’s employer, the Focus Forward Project.

Feel free to use our registry on Zola, or if nothing there inspires you, we’re happy for you to choose something personal that you think we might like– just please coordinate with us about delivery to our apartment rather than bringing it to the camp, as we’ll have a limited capacity for carrying stuff back to NYC.

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